Johnny Mike

Jonny Mike, Artspace resident and photographer was born in Queens and raised on
Long Island. In the early 1990’s John began his creative path with a black book and some pens.
Later on he was inspired by subway art and became well known in the graffiti scene across
Long Island. John received his first point and shoot camera in the late 90’s and soon began a
new artistic journey.
His love & appreciation for nature & sunsets along with graffiti, is what he loved to photograph
the most. Always with camera in hand, John’s passion for photography started to develop.The
places where he & his friends created art with spray cans were often found in dilapidated
buildings. John had a new appreciated for these obscure structures, which included abandoned
mental hospitals,industrial factories all the way to correctional facilities. He enjoyed capturing
the story of these places with his photography. His images continue to preserve a bit of history
& a sense of mystery from each place he has explored.
John continues to photograph nature and abandoned buildings with his girlfriend, Artspace
resident & photographer, Dana Flaherty. His work has been featured in galleries across Long
Island .


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